Irma Molto Jazz 481212-2
recorded 1995
Francesco Gazzara, Hammond organ, keyboards
Mirtao, drums
Max Sanna, bass
Grand Central Boogie
Irma Molto Jazz
recorded 1998
Francesco Gazzara, Hammond Organ, keyboards
Mirtao, drums
Max Sanna, bass
Scenario SCN 009-1
recorded 2002
Francesco Gazzara, Hammond, Rhodes, Moog, piano, guitar
Massimo Sanna, bass, guitar
Giovanni Di Cosimo, trumpet, flugelhorn
Eduardo Piloto Barreto, flute, percussion
Mirtao, drums, percussion
Sir Blofeld, bass


Sound Samples
MP3 "Burnin'"
05:44 - 5,381kB
Video n/a


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